Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is it in you?

Normally I like to stay away from the science and stick with "dental entertainment" news, but this recent study from NYU college of dentistry was pretty interesting. Popular sports drinks such as gatorade, powerade, and propel are just as bad for your teeth as soft drinks, if not worse. This isn't news. What is new is the discovery that it's better to wait 30 minutes between consuming said sports drinks and brushing your teeth! The science says that the acidic drinks de-mineralize and weaken the enamel to the point that normal toothbrush abrasion takes a much bigger toll. Conversely if one waits before brushing, the saliva has a chance to re-mineralize the tooth surface making it more resistant to toothbrush wear. Who new? NYU knew, that's who. Full news article here (

And finally, just so this post isn't all business, allow me to share with you the Pirates vs. Ninjas mobile (for a baby crib). Coincidentally I happen to be expecting my second little ninja warrior in about a month. Unfortunately it's currently sold out, which isn't really surprising when you consider its inherent awesomeness.

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