Monday, April 20, 2009

Follow Up - Tiny Tim's Teeth

For those of you who recently read about the famous musician's dental models and thought to yourself, "Aw, shucks. Too bad I didn't know about this item earlier because I totally would have won that auction!" - I have some great news!!!

I was just contacted by the ebay seller and informed that there is yet another of Tiny Tim's dental models up for grabs between now and April 30th. This one is half of an arch which was used to fabricate a crown on the lower right 2nd molar (aka tooth #31 here in the states).

Click here to check it out and place your bid.

A couple interesting things about Tiny Tim based on this photo are that he never had his wisdom teeth removed and that he had a severe arch length discrepancy, demonstrated by the funky position of the canine.

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