Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rocket Extraction

Kid Attaches Loose Tooth To Rocket - Watch more Funny Videos

Classic! I love when parents can help the kids get over the fear of losing teeth (and dentistry in general) by doing things like this. Who knows? Perhaps grown-ups who come in for extractions would elect for the super-awesome "Rocket Extraction". I know if I had to lose a tooth, launching it with a rocket might make me feel a little better.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Hollywood

Dentists have always been unfairly represented in entertainment media. Admittedly, we're an easy target - many people fear the dentist, so audiences can appreciate when the local DDS isn't normal, whether he or she is simply a sadistic weirdo or someone who's OCD behavior has pushed them over the edge.

Continuing in this trend, albeit with a new twist, it was announced this week that Jennifer Aniston is going to star in an upcoming comic-murder-thriller entitled "Horrible Bosses". The twist? Her role is that of a dentist who suffers from the same addiction Tiger Woods has. Critics are calling this her raunchiest role yet. Sounds like a winner. Not really.

There is some hope on the horizon, however. Last week it was announced that Hollywood heartthrob Uncle Jesse (aka John Stamos) will be starring as a dentist in season two of Glee. John Stamos? As in, the handsome devil I practically see when I look in the mirror? That john Stamos? Sweet. Please Hollywood, let his character be a good dentist (or at least a normal one)! I'm a little skeptical because he's supposed to play the rival love interest of the main guy who teaches the kids how to sing and dance (I don't watch the show, but my wife does so I'm somewhat familiar with it). Since Uncle Jesse is going to be the "other guy" the producers may see fit to give him a quirk or two in order to keep us from rooting for him. Stay tuned!