Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ochocinco loses Quatro

Ah, the beauty of twitter.  Allowing our favorite stars and celebrities to share otherwise personal moments with the world.  How else would you have ever seen photos of Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver Chad Ochocinco posing with his wisdom teeth and exclaiming how awesome the sound was?

From his twitter page:
Why am i recording this entire procedure, sending a picture, don't open if you don't like the sight of blood via twidroid

Awesomeness , you can hear the tooth tearing away from the flesh

That smile is still on point, lost my wisdom teeth doesn't mean I lose my wisdom

How else would we have seen pictures of Demi Moore making fun of her toothless smile, and how else would we have realized how intelligent Lindsay Lohan was when she claimed to have post-extraction "phantom tooth pain"?  Brilliant!

On that note, the Dental Ninja has decided to stealthily venture into the world of twitter.  Twitter will allow me to share more with less.  You see, my busy schedule as a daytime dentist/nighttime ninja allows me to blog about one or two stories each week.  Generally for each story I share, there are 4 or 5 items of interest that don't make the cut.  Henceforth I shall tweet them to you.

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