Monday, March 15, 2010

Jessica Simpson's Oral Hygiene

Last week Jessica Simpson admitted that she doesn't brush her teeth. Instead, she occasionally opts to use Listerine and a sweater in her oral hygiene regimen. That's right, Listerine......... and a sweater.

Watch the full, painful interview clip here:

Those of you who watched her reality TV show "The Newlyweds" could have guessed that her teeth were being neglected. I dug up this recap of episode two, in which she is referred to the endodontist for root canal therapy. From this episode we learn:
  • She never flosses, and even states that she hates it "with a passion". (really?)
  • She hates the dentist. She didn't mention whether or not she hates ninjas, so maybe I'm still ok.
  • She was told she had three cavities, which she then let progress to the point of needing at least one root canal.
With last week's lunch still stuck between her chompers, Jessica exemplifies my definition of "Ninjavitis" perfectly - deceptively bad breath that sneaks up on you like a ninja when you least expect it.


Nanette said...

I was sad when I discovered Jessica's dirty little secret-mostly because her teeth look so darn perfect and white...guess that is just the magic of show business. Shame.

Anonymous said...


Benji said...

Update: She claims to floss everyday! There's a step in the right direction.