Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hillary Duff's Dentist Saves the Day!

Perhaps as a testament to her compatibility with her professional hockey star hubby, Hillary Duff began her wedding day by CHIPPING a TOOTH!  She explained to OK magazine, "I started my day with a chipped tooth! My wedding planner snuck me out to the dentist! Thank goodness it was fixed within the hour." 

I'm sure the dentist didn't mind coming in early on a Saturday to be the hero.  It's emergencies like this that help make being a dentist worthwhile.  Rather than complaining that they have to see the dentist, emergency patients are typically very appreciative of what you do. 

I haven't seen any photos of what her blemished smile looked like, so here's my own artist's rendition of what Hillary Duff might look like with a chipped tooth:

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