Friday, July 30, 2010

Winston Churchill's Teeth

If you had an extra £15,200 ($23,675) lying around, then you could have been the proud new owner of the dentures worn by Winston Churchill.  The chompers were recently purchased in an auction by a private collector, who also owns the microphone Churchill used to announce the end of the war.  (Do you think he's going to hold the dentures in front of the microphone and use his hands to make the teeth move and re-enact that great moment?  Because I totally would if I owned both the microphone AND the dentures.)

The teeth were expected to go for a mere £5000.

Here is some more Winston Churchill dental trivia, courtesy of newscore and
  • Churchill claimed to have had terrible teeth and gums and needed complicated dentistry even in his childhood.
  • Churchill always carried a second set of dentures with him as a back-up (although there are no known instances of him ever needing the back-up set - unlike this free-spirited skydiver.) 
  • Churchill appreciated his dentist, Willfred Fish, so much that he nominated him for knighthood.
  • I will name my next pet fish Willfred.
  • Willfred Fish's lab technician was drafted to serve in WWII, but Churchill personally intervened stating that the lab tech would be more important to the war effort if he stayed in London to repair Churchill's dentures.
  • Most babies resemble Winston Churchill.  This doesn't have to do with his teeth, but it's worth mentioning.  Seriously, look at him, now look at a baby.  You see?  And just to be clear - I'm not saying he looks like a baby.  You don't look at him and think, "wow, he looks like a baby".  No no, it's the other way around - babies look like him.  

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