Monday, December 8, 2008

Teeth Injured in Failed Escape Attempt

What if I told you that a three-year-old broke off all four of his canines and ground three incisors to stumps while attempting to gnaw his way out of a cage? You'd probably be pretty angry, right? Well what if I told you the three year old looked like this:

You'd probably be a little more at ease. Here's the story of a father and son dental duo who recently performed 4 root canals and 3 extractions to heal the feline (who happens to be a Mexican Jaguar) of his self-inflicted dental dilemma. It took a total of 6 doctors, plus a rifleman (just in case) to complete the work.

This story leaves me with two questions:
  1. How big were the endo files used in the root canals?
  2. Where do I get a rifleman?


Ashley said...

I love it. Just one question: who are the random slide shows of and how do they relate to dentistry or being a ninja?

Benji said...

They're widgets that do slideshows from picasa web albums or flickr using key words. The two on the sidebar are "pretty smile" and the bottom one is "ninja".